The Little Surgeon’s Guide To The Human Body

The human body can be an exciting thing to explore. You have many different systems inside your body, and each one has an important purpose. Systems such as the nervous system, the circulatory system, the respiratory system, and the digestive system work together to keep the body healthy and strong. If one system stops working correctly, your entire body will notice the problem. Play games, print out worksheets, take quizzes, and go on exciting Web quests to learn as much as you can about the amazing human body. After you learn about the human body, you can make important choices that will help you stay healthy and strong.


The Internet has many fun games that can help you learn. Play a game to learn the different names for bones of the skeleton. You could also play a game to find out how muscles help you move. You might even play a game to learn about MRIs and how they work to find out why people don’t feel well. If you’re interested in finding out how your body uses the food you eat to supply energy, play a game about the digestive system.

Lesson Plans

Reading books and doing worksheets are great ways to learn about the human body. A teacher or parent can help you with lesson plans designed for kids your age and grade level. These lessons might include reading, puzzles, quizzes, worksheets, and experiments. The more ways you learn about the body, the better you will understand how it works. You can learn about cells, the skeletal system, exercise, the senses, and the digestive system with interesting lesson plans.


With a printer connected to your computer, you can print out worksheets to complete. Some worksheets might be coloring and labeling activities. You might also print puzzles and quizzes to work on with a pencil. You could even print out a life-size diagram of the human skeleton to put together on the floor. These printable activities can be ideal ways to learn about the human body.


Once you begin learning about the systems of the human body, try some quizzes to see how much you know. Quizzes usually cover facts about things such as body parts or how the systems of the body work. Some quizzes are interactive ones that you complete on the computer. Other quizzes allow you to print them out and fill in the blanks with a pencil.

Web Quests

If you like adventure, take a Web quest with your computer. A Web quest is a special project that gives you tasks to complete to learn about a subject. For example, to learn about the respiratory system, take a Web quest made to teach kids in a fun and interesting way. Follow the instructions and use the information you find to answer the questions included in the Web quest.


Watching videos is another way to learn about the human body. Videos can be both fun and interesting and teach you about a lot of different things. Learn how the brain sends messages to the entire body by watching a brain video. Watch a video of the heart and circulatory system to see how the heart pumps blood to every part of the body. The respiratory system works to take in oxygen and help the body use it. Watch a video to see the respiratory system in action.