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Pectoral Implants

Information on Pectoral Implants in Canada

Approximate Cost

$3000 and up



2-4 weeks


Plastic Surgeons in Canada


Possible Complications

(The following is general information: Consult with your plastic surgeon for more detailed complication risks – specific to your body, current health and exact chosen procedure)

Bruising and numbness is common

rare risk of:
infection, hardening of scar tissue around implant causing unnatural shape, asymmetry, permanent, numbness, raised scarring.

Pec Implants in Canada

A well defined chest has always been a desirable aesthetic for men. However many men do not have to time to commit to developing their pec muscles through exercise, and so a pectoral implant might be an option for them. The implant is a soft but solid silicone, and the incision is usually hidden in the underarms. Pectoral implant surgery is a specialized procedure that only some plastic surgeons in Canada perform.

Your surgeon will give you specific recovery instructions, but you will probably be instructed not to participate in strenuous activities for 4 – 6 weeks.