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Neck lift

Information on Neck Lift Surgery in Canada

Approximate Cost

$3000 and up



1-3 weeks


Plastic Surgeons in Canada


Possible Complications

The following is general information: Consult with your plastic surgeon for more detailed complication risks – specific to your body, current health and exact chosen procedure)

Bleeding and bruising are common

rare risk of:
hematoma (collection of blood under the skin thats removed by the surgeon), infection, temporary or permanent injury to nerves, raised scarring, loss of hair.

Neck Lift in Canada

A Neck Lift is more commonly performed during a Facelift, but is occasionally performed on its own. A patient may have excessive wrinkled, loose skin around the neck and fatty deposits under the chin. A neck lift commonly involves incisions around the ear to remove excess skin, and liposuction to remove excess fat.

The surgery is usually done on an outpatient basis or some patients are asked to stay overnight. Your surgeon will probably put dressings on you and wrap you with a bandage that compresses the area slightly. After your surgery you will be asked to keep your head elevated to avoid increased swelling. If you had a drain put in to drain blood that will be removed in a day or two. You will feel discomfort and your neck might feel tight, but pain can be controlled with medication. You can expect your neck to be swollen and bruised – this can last for a few weeks. Stitches may come out in 5 days.

Your surgeon will give you specific recovery instructions but usually you will be asked to rest for the first week. You will probably be instructed not to participate in strenuous activities for 2-3 weeks.