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Fat Injections / Grafting

Information on Fat Injections / Grafting Surgery in Canada







Approximate Cost

$1000 and up



1 – 14 days

Possible Complications

(The following is general information: Consult with your plastic surgeon for more detailed complication risks – specific to your body, current health and exact chosen procedure)

Swelling, redness, scabbing, assymetry

Fat Injections, Fat Transfer in Canada

Fat injections (also called fat transfer, microfat injection, autologous fat transplantation) are injections of your own fat to plump up areas that need volume, usually the face. In the fat transfer process fat is taken from a donor site like the tummy or thighs using a fine liposuction instrument. The fat is then prepared and concentrated and injected back into the body, usually the face.

Fat injections can be used to contour the face by diminishing frown lines, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds (smile lines) and give definition to areas like the cheeks and chin. It is occasionally injected into the body to fill in a depressed area, but plastic surgeons in Canada do not use this method for breast enhancement (one reason for this is during a mammogram the fat deposits might be mistaken for cancerous lumps therefore making cancer detection difficult).

Advantages of this procedure include the lack of allergic reaction … since fat injections use your own fat cells, you cannot have an allergic reaction as it’s from your own body. Fat transfer is considered a safe, natural alternative to other fillers made out of foreign materials. A disadvantage of the procedure is that not all fat cells survive and success rates vary. ‘Overfilling’ or the over correction of fat is often performed to offset the amount that reabsorbs into the body. Success is technique-dependant so it is important you find a Canadian plastic surgeon with a lot of experience in fat transfer.