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Teen Plastic Surgery


Kylie Jenner (Dfree_Shutterstock.com)

Kylie Jenner and her lip augmentation has dominated the news recently. For many months it was obvious she had augmented her lips, but she would carefully avoid answering the question (she stated she hadn’t had any plastic surgery, which was technically true, as lip injections are not a surgery) . People online were divided: those that could tell she had had injections, and then those who honestly believed she had been using make up to draw on her lips. She finally admitted to having lip injections on a Keeping up with the Kardashians episode, saying her lips have always been her insecurity and it was something she really wanted to do.

Blogs and social media exploded, with thousands and thousands of comments from people who felt at 17 she was too young for any kind of cosmetic surgery. At plasticsurgeryinfo.ca we do feel 17 is a little too young, but in Hollywood 17 is more like 25! Kylie has grown up on TV, and experienced things most ‘normal’ 17 year olds have not. She has watched her step-sisters with their full lips and curvy bodies become famous, and her sister is a model. Her ‘before’ lips were very thin, so we actually understand her wanting to augment them. Is it so bad? How about if a teenager has a very large nose and they are very self conscious about it, can we blame them if they want to refine it and feel more confident in themselves? What is the age that people think is acceptable to seek cosmetic enhancements?

Kylie says growing up she was bullied on the internet about her looks, which is very sad. And in this ‘selfie’ world we live in we can imagine there will be an increase in teenagers feeling self conscious about themselves. If they feel they do not fit into what society says is beautiful, or feel they look different, will this lead to a boom in plastic surgery for teenagers?

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