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Jennifer Garner Before & After

We were sorry to hear this week that Jennifer Garner has split with Ben Affleck.
She is considered one of the most natural beauties in hollywood, and has barely aged over the years (she is 43). At plasticsurgeryinfo.ca we have always loved her lips, and wonder if she has had them augmented. On older photos she has a much more ‘gummy’ smile and a thinner lip. If they are augmented they are an example of great plastic surgery, as they do not have that obvious lip filler look. (click on photo to enlarge)


Featureflash/Shutterstock.com  HelgaEsteb/Shutterstock.com

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Please Note: Plasticsurgeryinfo.ca’s blog will be discussing celebrity plastic surgery, not to name and shame people, but we aim to destigmatize the profession. Plasticsurgeryinfo.ca wants to celebrate how great someone can look with some refinement of their features (plus it is fun to guess ‘did they or didn’t they’). We are not stating these celebrities have had plastic surgery, but presenting before and after photos for discussion.