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Best Plastic Surgeon

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At plasticsurgeryinfo.ca we are always being asked ‘who is the best plastic surgeon in Toronto’, ‘who is the best plastic surgeon in Vancouver’, ‘who is the best plastic surgeon in Montreal’ etc etc.

This is an impossible question to answer. We are lucky enough to live in the best country in the world, and to have a large selection of amazing Canadian plastic surgeons!

When you are researching plastic surgery in Canada, obviously you want to go to the best, and get the best results possible. So how can you find the best plastic surgeon? Here are our tips:

1. Personal Referrals: the best referrals come from someone you know, especially if you are able to see the work in person. However do not expect to get the same results or to even be able to have the same surgery, as every anatomy is different.

2. Doctor Referrals: Your family doctor may be able to refer you to a plastic surgeon, but they are usually referring people for surgeries that are covered by provincial health insurance (like OHIP), so they might not refer you to the best COSMETIC plastic surgeon. As you will be paying privately for cosmetic plastic surgery you can go to any surgeon, and you do not need a doctor referral.

3. Online Research You will want to research surgeons in your area, and plasticsurgeryinfo.ca lists plastic surgeons conveniently on a map. Read through the different websites, see who performs the surgery you are considering (as not all plastic surgeons perform the same surgeries) and view their before and after photos. A note about before and after photos: it is great to see the work of the surgeon you are considering, however you will find some surgeons have slick websites with pages and pages of before and after photos, and some surgeons do not have any. Do not assume the surgeons who do not have any are hiding something. Some surgeons are up to date with technology, others simply are not. Some hire a website team and update photos frequently, others have a 1 page website.

Important note: Please make sure the surgeon you are considering is a PLASTIC SURGEON…check that they have a Royal College (or Collège des Médecins du Québec) certification in PLASTIC SURGERY. Also enquire if they are members of any societies, such as the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

4. Online Plastic Surgeon Reviews: there are many sites (including ours) that allow people to post their plastic surgery reviews/recommendations. However please do not take these reviews too seriously and do not make your decision solely on them for the following reasons: In our experience happy plastic surgery patients do not hang around websites, they have surgery and move on happy. Unhappy plastic surgery patients tend to be the ones who go on these sites to complain and research additional surgeries. Also reviews can be easily faked, whether it is someone unhappy about a surgeon posting multiple bad reviews, or someone that works for a surgeon posting multiple good ones. Plastic surgery is not an exact science, results depend on many different things (like how your body heals). Sometimes patient expectations are unrealistic and so can result in many ‘unhappy’ people who can be very vocal on the internet.

5. Go on Consultations: The best way to know if you like a surgeon is to meet them. At plasticsurgeryinfo.ca we recommend going on at least 3 consultations. We have heard some people say that they do not want to pay consultation fees 3 times. But we feel if you are going to be paying thousands of dollars for plastic surgery, it is a worthwhile investment to make sure you find the right surgeon. You will probably click with one surgeon more than the others, or like the surgical recommendation of one surgeon more. Interestingly, you can get 3 completely different surgical recommendations….this is because each surgeon has their own technique and surgery preference. Ultimately you have to decide which surgeon you feel the most confident in.

The most common complaints we hear about consults are: 1. They felt rushed: many surgeons are extremely busy trying to fit in consultations and follow ups in a timely manner. Just like most doctors they can run behind and you will have a longer wait, and then feel like you were in there a short time. You can always request another consultation before the surgery if you feel you didn’t have the time you needed. 2. The surgeon was stand off-ish or didn’t have a great bedside manner: Although you want to have a good relationship with your surgeon to make sure you communicate your wishes to him/her, you do not need them to be your best friend. Some of the top Canadian plastic surgeons have bad reviews from people who think they were stand-offish or even arrogant. We all have different personalities and click with different people, and you will find your ‘best plastic surgeon’.