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Do men ever have plastic surgery?

Dr. Wayne Carman
B.Sc., M.Sc., M.D., F.R.C.S.C.


The answer to this question is sometimes. Men would often like to make improvements to their personal appearance, but are too busy or impatient to consider plastic surgery options.

Typically, executives in competitive business find that a youthful appearance is an advantage in the boardroom. It is an unfortunate reality that if someone looks old, tired or worn out, their input is just not as respected as it might otherwise be. Why else do we see the fitness clubs overflowing with members trying to tone up and trim down. It is well documented that we form our opinions of people within seconds of meeting them. It is crucial to accept that our appearance plays an important role in our personal and business interactions.

Where then does this leave the busy executive? Generally, male patients who attend my private clinic request changes that are not overly extensive. Men usually want something done to make them more youthful with little or no down time. The most common treatment technique that works in this scenario is a Botox® injection. Botox® is a muscle relaxant that reduces deep frown and forehead lines and is excellent at helping to lift a heavy, tired looking brow. Patients attend the office for a short visit and return to work immediately. The effect of Botox® gradually occurs over 4 to 5 days and lasts up to six months. I see my patients about twice a year for repeat injections and find that the satisfaction rate with Botox is very high. It’s safe, it’s easy, and it works!

Men who are prepared to consider surgery have additional options. Blepharoplasy, or eyelid surgery is probably the most common procedure undertaken by men to improve facial appearance. The fact that the incisions are easily hidden and that the healing time is usually only a week or two allows most men to accommodate the down time in their schedule. Results can be dramatic – yet natural in the context of overall appearance.

The most popular procedure involving body shape is liposuction to reduce the lateral hip or “love handles”. As we age, this area increases in volume giving both men and women a bulky, awkward contour. I believe that liposuction of this area is the single most efficient procedure in reestabishing a youthful body contour. Liposuction is performed under a general anesthetic as day surgery and would allow a patient to return to work within a week.

Whether the purpose of plastic surgery is to gain a competitive edge in the boardroom, or to make a favourable impression on a younger partner, carefully chosen techniques can be subtle, efficient, and result in lasting benefits.