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Breast Augmentation Post Pregnancy and Breast Feeding

Dr. Sammy Sliwin
M.D., F.R.C.S.C.


Becoming a mother doesn’t mean you can’t look as good, or better than before pregnancy. A large percentage of women truly enjoy being pregnant and are happy to become mothers. But for some the physical changes associated with pregnancy can take away some of the joy. If you feel this way, you’re not alone. We have a large patient base of mommies looking for some assistance in restoring their pre-baby body. Sometimes this is called mommy make-over, some require a full makeover and others would be just as happy with their pre baby breasts. Whatever your goals are, even minor surgery can be a benefit for your self esteem.

Many women come into our clinic with feelings of selfishness and embarrassment in wanting to alter the shape and size of their breasts. Pregnancy and breast feeding can be unkind, and can leave your breasts with a shape that looks deflated and not as sexy as you would like.

Typically there are a few options for achieving full desirable breasts that you once had. Cohesive Gels have come along way and are very safe in filling out the breast and giving a lift to drooping breasts. The procedure for achieving a natural full look after having a loss in breast tissue is typically performed over the muscle in order to fill out the loose skin, and create a lift for the nipple.

In some cases where women have lost significant amount of breast tissue or have excessive drooping, they may require a lift as well as implants to regain the desirable full perky breast.

It is important to know that breast augmentation surgery doesn’t take you away from your busy life and family, most of our patients return to normal activities within a week. A common concern of our patients is “Will I be able to breast feed?” Breast Augmentation surgery typically does not interrupt the milk ducts, and in most cases women are able to breast feed, if your body allows it. If you have had previous pregnancies where you were able to breast feed then having surgery should not interfere in breast feeding.

Breast Augmentation surgery typically creates a sense of happiness and completeness, once the surgery is preformed, the only regret our patients have is wishing the decision to go ahead with surgery had been made years ago.

Fortunately, you don’t simply have to “learn to love” your post-partum figure, like many of our mothers were told. There are exciting new options in plastic surgery to help you regain your pre-pregnancy form – or maybe even improve on it.