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Choices in Breast Surgery

Dr. Frank Lista
M.D., F.R.C.S.C.


There are many reasons why women look to plastic surgery for cosmetic breast surgery. Some women find that child birth, breast feeding or weight loss have left their breasts droopy or deflated looking. Other women fail to develop as fully as they would like during puberty and are left with breasts that are lopsided or smaller than they had hoped. Others find that the natural aging process leaves their breast less full or more tired looking than they used to be.

While some patients look to plastic surgery to increase or augment their breast, other women look for help in lifting or reducing a large, heavy, droopy breast. Breasts which are overly large or very droopy can lead to back and shoulder pain. These patients are also often prevented from carrying out all the physical activities they would like to because of their breast problems.

Cosmetic breast surgery has made it possible to correct these problems with relative safety and simplicity. The goal in all cosmetic breast surgery is to give women breasts which look and feel soft and natural. This is achieved using new techniques which treat the breast more gently and naturally. These new techniques are able to give results which are better than have ever been achieved before.

Breast augmentation is performed using implants which are placed immediately behind the breast or behind the chest muscle. The implants which are available for use today are able to give patients a breast with an un-operated look. While implants increase breast size, they also have an important function in improving the shape of the breast. Modern breast implants are either saline (salt water) filled or even newer cohesive gel (gummy bear) implants. The breast looks rounder, fuller and less droopy. The vast majority of breast implant patients have no complications with their surgery.

Breast lifting (or mastopexy) can lift the breast in patients whose breasts are just naturally low or who have developed droopiness with child bearing or aging. This operation lifts the breast and elevates the nipple. The breast is made firmer and fuller. A breast lift can be performed alone or combined with a breast implant in patients who would also like to be bigger. There have been many advances in breast lifting surgery which have significantly minimized the scars associated with this operation. The usual “anchor” incision has now been greatly decreased with the advent of the “lollipop” incision which gives the patient a rounder perkier look with much less scarring.

In patients who need a decrease in breast size, a reduction in breast volume can be performed at the same time as the breast lift. Breast reductions improve the appearance of the breast as well as relieve the patient from the burden of a heavy breast. Women who undergo breast reduction are happy about feeling and looking better.
Cosmetic breast surgery can significantly improve how patients feel, and recent advances have made these operations safer, with great results.