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The Ideal Implant

Dr. Benjamin Gelfant
M.D., F.R.C.S.C.

There is no doubt about what is the most interesting and significant development in breast augmentation surgery in many many years; everything else pales by comparison. When the new structured saline filled implant (Ideal® implant Corp., Dallas, Texas) became available in my practice in late 2015, I was surprised by how widely it was embraced by a substantial sector of my breast surgery practice.

The Ideal® Implant

Women have voiced and expressed concerns about the safety of breast implants filled with silicone gel for decades. Although research continues to show the high safety profile of most types of silicone filled implants, some women continued to express their skepticism about the science and the idea of a better saline filled device had inherent appeal, both to my patients and to me.
In fact, even literature sent out by one of the main silicone breast implant manufacturers in early 2017 stated that over 50% of patients are worried about possible effects of silicone if implants were to leak, and over 30% don’t like the idea of a silicone filled implant in their body.
There was always, I reasoned, a group of patients who would be more comfortable with saline filled devices. The Ideal® implant promised reduced rippling and visibility and seemed a good idea, when it was under development and (here I have a disclosure) I decided it was worth a small investment. In the regulatory environment we now live, getting approval from the FDA in the USA and Health Canada was a triumph in the fall of 2014, and the arrival of the new device in late 2015 was with great excitement.

So far patients are very happy with their experience. I have used over 55 pairs in the past 18 months, and satisfaction with the devices has been uniformly high. They are not for everyone, but are, so far, a great option, especially for women who have concerns about the use of silicone. And the recent headline news about the extremely rare ALCL provided one more reason to consider all options carefully.

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