Gender Reassignment Surgery

Some people feel uncomfortable in their bodies because their outward appearance does not match how they feel inside. This conflict can cause problems as people struggle with their physical appearance and the way they feel. One solution to the issue is gender reassignment surgery, which involves surgeons changing a patient’s sex. Other people opt for less complicated solutions such as taking medication or dressing as the opposite gender.

Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sex reassignment surgery is an operation that involves surgeons physically reconstructing a patient’s body to change it from one sex to the other. Before someone can undergo the actual surgical procedure, the patient needs to go through a long process of psychotherapy to make sure the person is ready for this change and to help prepare for it. Patients also need to take hormone medication to prepare the body for the change. Before the surgery, doctors also require a patient to live as the opposite gender for a specific period of time. This ensures that the patient is ready to make the change. The actual surgery is complicated and very expensive. Some insurance companies are beginning to cover some costs involved with sex reassignment surgery.

Gender Identity Disorder

Some people have a conflict between the gender they identify with and their actual sex. For example, a boy may act and feel more like a girl, or a girl might cut her hair short and act more like a boy. When this struggle occurs, a person may have a gender identity disorder. Children and adults can have these feelings. People experiencing gender identity disorder, also called gender dysphoria, may feel exceedingly unhappy with their gender, and dressing in the opposite gender’s clothing is common. Feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety are also typical for people with gender identity disorder.


Typically, your gender is the one you identify with and feel comfortable as in your daily activities. Usually, your inner gender matches your outer gender. When someone is transgender, they usually feel like they have the wrong body, like they should have been born as the opposite sex. Some transgender people decide to take the step of having sex reassignment surgery. Others follow less complicated routes to feel more comfortable. This can involve dressing in the opposite gender’s clothing or taking hormone medications. A transgender person may change their name to assume a different identity.


The words “transgender” and “transexual” can be interchanged, or they may have different meanings, depending on the situation. The term “transexual” is actually older. “Transgender” serves as an all-purpose term that includes people who have identities that differ from their anatomical sex. Transexual people may be actively seeking to change their bodies by taking medication or with surgery. To be respectful, always ask someone about their preferred terminology.