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Why aren't plastic surgeons training in lipedema liposuction

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    Lipedema is epidemic in this country. I’m wondering why there aren’t plastic surgeons in this country willing to train so they can help such a dibilitating and disfiguring disease. It has such huge implications on peoples lives, yet sufferers have to go out of country in order to seek help for their conditions. Why? All I want to know is why?


    You are correct that this is a very difficult problem to deal with and one that it is very hard to find a good solution for. Unfortunately, Lipedema requiring surgical management is still a rare condition in the general public and most of us have never seen it before. The 10x higher population in the U.S means that they will see this condition just that much more often. For complicated problems like this it is often better to seek out the unique expert in this field even though it often means difficult travel and significant expense. Your comment, however, is valuable and hopefully will be addressed and the prevalence of Lipedema becomes better known.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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