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    Hi, I am in Vancouver and interested in a Facelift. I am 49 and noticed my face is aging quickly, and when I lift up the skin I look much younger! I would like to know about scarring, and also how much time would I need off work. And Im nervous as a lot of famous people end up with tight odd looking faces, and I feel that if they have the money to go to the best surgeons why do they look like that. Any advice would be appreciated


    Thanks for your inquiry. Facial rejuvenation treatments must appear natural and be nearly, if not absolutely, undetectable. The goal is that you look refreshed and entirely yourself. We want other people either not to notice anything, or to compliment you on how well you look.

    My comments will be general as I do not have any photos to work from. It is possible that you may be a candidate for nonsurgical treatment alone including fillers, botox and/or laser. These treatments usually involve minimal downtime. Of course the benefits usually subside over 4 to 6 months, so that the treatments need to be repeated several times a year.

    You may turn out to need surgery. If so the discussion would revolve around your lower face and neck, where the operation would likely be a facelift. Some younger women will benefit from a short-scar procedure, which avoids scarring behind the ear, allowing them to wear their hair up after surgery. A facelift involves removing excess fat, possibly reinjecting it in areas that lack fullness, tightening the muscle layer and removing excess skin. The goal is to restore fullness to the cheekbones, reduce the jowls and restore the jawline and neck.

    It would also be important to assess your forehead and eyes to know whether these areas need freshening as well. The face must be assessed and treated as a whole in order to obtain a pleasing and harmonious result.

    You make an interesting observation about questionable surgical results in celebrities. I cannot explain how it is that many of these individuals end up with suboptimal outcomes. However, I should point out that you are probably unaware of the really excellent outcomes because these individuals appear completely normal.

    Depending on the surgery I tell my patients that they are likely to be presentable within three weeks. Some may be able to resume their normal activities sooner, especially if they have had only mild bruising.

    I recommend you see an experienced aesthetic plastic surgeon to explore your options.

    All the best.
    Dr. Eric Pugash


    Your questions are common ones as most potential patients have apprehension about having facial surgery and treatments. “Facelift” is a term used by Plastic Surgeons for a variety of techniques and variations on surgery to restore tone and position to the soft tissues of the cheeks, lower face and neck. Done thoughtfully, results look natural and improve your appearance for many years. The surgical plan must be tailored to your needs and involves carefully designed access incisions that follow the natural contours around your ears and in some cases under your chin. Through these incisions the skin and deeper soft tissue layers can be repositioned and redraped under sedation or light general anesthesia. Being a celebrity does not mean that you have good judgement.

    In order to overcome your apprehensions, be prepared to consult with more than one experienced Plastic Surgeon. Surgery still offers many more possibilities than non-surgical treatments, but you may be surprised to learn that you have other options besides surgery. If you choose to have surgery, most patients are away from social and professional engagements for 2-3 weeks and away from vigorous exercise for 4 weeks. You have done your internet homework, now get accurate information and your questions answered by going for a consultation from a few experienced Plastic Surgeons.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Mathew Mosher


    Your short inquiry raises some interesting points.

    “I notice my face is aging quickly”…Many years ago my professor of plastic surgery used to tell us we age, not in a gradual process, but in sudden, abrupt steps. This goes along with what I believe is at the heart of the aging process, which is relatively rapid changes in hormone levels, whether we are male or female, and something similar at the cellular level, where diminished regenerative energies result in thinning, weakening, and generalized, atrophy, of much of the structure of skin and all other tissues of the body.

    Celebrity, I noted long ago, often results in wealth, but rarely in sophisticated thinking. Those who are wealthy through celebrity are often no better at finding good cosmetic plastic surgery. And they may also make impulsive decisions. There are those who sophisticated consumers, but you won’t know who they are, because the work done isn’t obvious to anyone.
    Your time away from work will depend on what work you do, and what your surgery entails, but is usually less than two weeks, barring unforeseen problems. Scars are one of the trade offs, but when well planned, are rarely problematic, and are relatively easy to conceal. Their exact location are probably best planned at an in-person consultation.

    I hope this helps.

    Dr. Benjamin Gelfant

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