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Uneven legs from previous liposuction

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    Hi there, Ive had liposuction 5 years ago on my legs and the results are a little uneven. Is that common? I would like to get it redone, what are my options?

    Dr. Kris Ledding
    Dr. Kris Ledding

    Thanks for the question. One of the well known complications of liposuction is contour irregularities, and I warn every patient about these.

    On the other hand, there are techniques to help avoid these, decrease the frequency of them occurring, or even, to help treat those irregularities that have occurred.

    SAFELipo is a technique designed to decrease the likelihood of these uneven areas, and also can treat the contour irregularities that have occurred from previous surgeries.

    As you would expect, no technique is foolproof. Also, keep in mind that some holes are just too big to “smooth out” without adding some fat into the depression in the form of a fat-graft.

    The options for an individual patient would be more clear after the surgeon assesses the area.

    PS. Please make sure you see a fully qualified plastic surgeon for cosmetic surgery, and especially for this revision. There are many individuals with various levels of training, performing cosmetic procedures, and it isn’t always clear just what that level of training is. Many aren’t plastic surgeons at all.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Kris Ledding
    Regina Plastic Surgeon

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