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Tummy Tuck or Lipo


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    Hi there, how do I know if I need a Tummy Tuck or just Lipo? Im not sure which to research


    Find a good plastic surgeon, and let them explain which procedure is best for you. Often the question comes down to ‘is the improvement in abdominal wall shape and skin tone worth the scars from abdominoplasty?’. The answer to this has as much to do with your acceptance of scars as it does with the shape and tone of your abdomen. Good luck in your decision!

    Dr. Wayne Carman
    Dr. Wayne Carman

    Basically, a tummy tuck addresses skin looseness and overhang, while liposuction only treats excess fat.

    Sometimes there can be a combination of these two problems. I generally advise patients with snug abdominal skin to opt for liposuction and those with more laxity to consider a tummy tuck. If both problems are present, either a combined approach or staged procedures are possible alternatives to achieve the best outcome.

    I wouldn’t spend too much time overanalysing your problem. Better to consult an experienced plastic surgeon to explore your options and then make an informed decision.


    A liposuction removes excess fat but does not tighten the skin. A tummy tuck also removes excess skin. So if you have enough loose skin on your belly that you can grab with our hands, pinch and pull on (pull away loosely) than you likely would benefit from a tummy tuck. Best thing is to be seen by a Plastic Surgeon for an in-person assessment.


    Both procedures can effectively sculpt the midsection. The core difference between a tummy tuck and liposuction is the condition each procedure is designed to address.

    With a tummy tuck, your plastic surgeon is removing excess skin that, for whatever reason, has lost its elasticity. Pregnancy, significant weight loss, and aging can all cause sagging skin in the abdomen.

    By contrast, liposuction is focused on eliminating stubborn pockets of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise. This is what makes liposuction useful beyond the abdomen; it can be used to reshape areas such as the flanks, thighs, neck, and more.

    It’s also fairly common to combine the 2 procedures. I recommend gaining a good understanding of both and discussing what’s best for you during an in-person consultation.

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