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SIEF: Simultaneous Implant Exchange with Fat

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    I would like to direct this to Dr Mitchell Brown, who on another question on here stated:

    “There is a procedure called SIEF which stands for Simultaneous Implant Exchange with Fat. In this procedure, the implant is removed, the breast is lifted and fat is injected in order to optimize breast shape and volume.”

    I am 51 and asked my plastic surgeon if we can switch my implants for fat, I find my implants too hard and too big now. He said no. Why would he say this, if there is this SIEF procedure…does this mean he doesn’t know all new techniques and I should find someone who does?

    Dr. Mitchell Brown
    Dr. Mitchell Brown

    Not every procedure is for every patient. As well, different surgeons perform and have success with different surgeries. For a patient to be a good candidate for SIEF, they have to have adequate fat donor sites for harvesting and be prepared for an overall reduction in breast size. In general fat can increase the natural breast by a maximum of 1 cup size. I would estimate that for every 10 women that I see that consider SIEF, 3-4 of them are good candidates for the procedure.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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