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Dr. Mathew C. Mosher, Langley BC — Breast Augmentation

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    I first heard of Dr. Mosher through a co-worker about a year ago, and although I hadn’t seen her breasts naked (but had in cleavage tops), always figured they were natural D’s. She gave me such a good recommendation, I looked up his website and bookmarked it. Over time, I had heard of two or three others who had gone to him for breast augmentations, and they were all happy with their results.

    When the time came, I made appointments to meet with two surgeons, and as it turned out, I got in to see Dr. Mosher first due to a cancellation. His surgical nurse, Nicole, spent about fifteen minutes on the phone with me originally to ask me questions, and determine if I might be a good candidate or not, and explain about their office and the surgery I was inquiring about. She also mailed out an information package right away, none of which was the case with the other surgeon’s office!

    My husband came with me to the first consultation, and we both felt very comfortable with him, his staff and his office, as well as his recommendations for me. I booked a surgery date and left a deposit right then and there, and cancelled the other consultation.

    I had already had in my head that I wanted cohesive silicone anatomical implants, and he was immediately agreeable to that. After measuring me, he recommended four sizes to me, and in the end I chose the largest of them, despite that I had to switch incisions from the areolar which I had been hoping for. (He offered it for the smaller sizes, but not the one I opted for in the end). He explained his reasoning to me for all that he recommended, and felt confident that I would achieve the results I was looking for.

    Surgery went very well for me. I was not so much in pain as I was uncomfortable and drowsy. I took ibuprofen for a few days, but never any Tylenol 3’s. My crease incisions are healing nicely, although still red at 8 weeks, but looking good. I had absolutely NO sensation loss whatsoever in either of my breasts, which I am very thankful for (and glad I ended up with the crease incision for this very reason).

    I am very happy with the size: I think it is quite comparable to the sizers I had tried on, and is exactly what I had wanted. I finally feel proportionate in regular clothes and naked, and feel like I have that added sexiness that I lacked without breasts before. Although they have not dropped yet, they have quite a natural looking slope to them and they are getting softer and softer every day.

    Dr. Mosher and his staff have been very helpful and professional and also personable, and it has been a great experience for me. I recommend him wholeheartedly, and will answer any questions as best as I can.


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