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    For the past 45 or so years, I have required many abdominal surgeries for medical conditions, such as bladder fistula caused by paddles used at childbirth, and other related bladder issues, gall bladder, ceasarian section, hysterectomy, cancers, keloid removal, and these scars criss-cross one another in a tic-tac-toe pattern. There are so many that lately, when I required a partial removal of a cancerous kidney, the procedure could not be done through the navel, as many are done in these times. Now I am 75, and left with the results of dealing with all the surgery plus a few long-standing auto-immune conditons that have plagued me for decades. The resulting effect of all of this can be seen in the photos I’ve sent. I have several “aprons” that cause skin to overlap skin and cause many skin infections, chafing and much general bleeding and discomfort. I did not cause these medical conditions, but it seems I’d be paying tens of thousands of dollars to have the excess tissue removed because this is not covered by OHIP, yet other conditions are covered, such as treatment for obesity or substance abuse, for example. Of course I find this grossly unfair, especially since the instances described were not self-caused, robbed me of my career and impacted my financial stability. Is there any way I can get this surgery without breaking the bank?

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