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18 years after breast augmentation

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    I think I have saline – not sure – my doctor is retired and I can’t locate my records – how can I find them . I have not seen him for 17 years – he was in bc . I am now having sharp shooting pain and my breasts are hard like bowling balls . What could this be and should I get an MRI or ultra sound or mammogram ? Also any experts that you can suggest that does explant surgery in Vancouver area let me know


    If your implants are 17 years old they are almost certainly saline as that is all we had available at the time. Regardless of whether you have saline or not you likely have severe capsular contracture (hardness) which could be treated (as I did on a patient last week) with removal of the implants with surrounding capsules and replacement with new implants (there are several choices) under the muscle, which reduces the risk of contracture dramatically.
    Many patients who have this done finally get the result from breast augmentation they always wanted, and only had for a short time, if their implants developed contracture early, as often occurred with implants above the muscle.

    Benjamin Gelfant MD FRCSC
    Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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