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Taylor Swift Before & After

There is no denying Taylor Swift is the most popular female singer on the planet right now. She successfully transitioned from country to pop music, and is the first female singer to receive the ‘Album of the Year’ Grammy Award twice.  Her ‘girl next door’ looks have never screamed obvious plastic surgery, but we wanted to look at her before and afters more closely. She has a very slim frame with low body fat, but in recent years seems to have a much fuller breast area. Did Taylor get a subtle breast augmentation? Most people associate breast augmentation with large breasts, but the reality is many, many women choose to subtly augment their breasts with small implants. What do you think? Discuss on our Facebook page!

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EverettCollection/Shutterstock.com Fashionstock/Shutterstock.com

EverettCollection/Shutterstock.com Fashionstock/Shutterstock.com

Taylor Swift Before and After

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