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Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Nicole Kidman (Featureflash-Shutterstock.com)

Standing in line at the grocery store we often see the headlines from the trashy magazines screaming at us

with photos of the usual suspects…Joan Rivers face, Renee Zellweger’s eyes, Meg Ryan’s lips, Tori Spelling’s breasts etc etc.

It is fun to speculate whether a celebrity has had plastic surgery or not, but why does the media focus on the bad all the time? Because the ones who have had good plastic surgery keep it a secret! They keep their plastic surgery a secret, so the media only reports about the disasterous results that are obvious….giving the profession a bad name.

Whenever there is a news item or blog post about plastic surgery just read the user comments and you will see the general publics opinion on plastic surgery. “You can spot fake boobs a mile away, they are hard and fake looking” is a common comment. This couldn’t be further from the truth….breast augmentation is supposed to look natural and soft, and for the majority of patients you would have a hard time knowing they were augmented. “Why would anyone freeze their face with poison or inject their lips to look like a duck” are other common comments. Botox and injectables can enhance someone’s face and make them look much younger, and if done conservatively would not be obvious. It is very frustrating seeing how the media portrays plastic surgery and how it has shaped the publics overall opinion.

Plasticsurgeryinfo.ca’s blog will be discussing celebrity plastic surgery, not to name and shame people, but we aim to de-stigmatize the profession. Many people feel they cannot be open about their plastic surgery due to the negativity surrounding the subject. If people in the public eye would be honest about their procedures it would help bring plastic surgery out into the open, where people would not be judged. Plasticsurgeryinfo.ca wants to celebrate how great someone can look with some refinement of their features (plus it is fun to guess ‘did they or didn’t they’).

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