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Plastic Surgery Canada: Trends

We asked our Canadian Plastic Surgeons: what are some of the trends you are seeing? Here are their answers:

“In 2017 I feel patients will continue to frequently request Fat Injection procedures where fat is transferred from one area of the body to another. Common areas where contour can be enhanced are lips, cheeks, breasts, butts and even hands. I have been using fat injection techniques for well over a decade and have seen a steady increase in its popularity. Patients are requesting a natural, refreshed appearance. The “operated look” is out. They want a technique which is safe, conservative and permanent. Fat injection is often the best choice.”
Dr Wayne Carman, Toronto Plastic Surgeon

“The continuing trend I am seeing in my practice is the shift away from breast augmentation and towards augmenting the butt. Brazilian Butt Lifts get twice as many likes on my social media than breast augmentations. And this is a trend I see not only on my social media, but during consultations in my Toronto practice. I am the first surgeon in Canada to utilize a fat auto-infuser, used by many Brazilian Butt Lift experts around the world. I can inject large volumes of fat with greater ease and better sculpting ability with this technique.”
Dr. Martin Jugenburg, Toronto Plastic Surgeon

“One of the exciting things about my practice is the bridge that exists between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. I am lucky to work in both worlds of plastic surgery and therefore have noticed a trend for an increase in demand for my cleft lip and palate patients who have become adults to look to optimize their facial appearance. Rhinoplasties for both improved appearance and function have been surging at my practice, and I feel lucky enough to be blessed with the training and skills to help improve deformities and perceived concerns in facial appearance, whether straight forward or difficult.”
Dr. Ryan Frank, Calgary Plastic Surgeon

“The trend in non-surgical body contouring has become increasingly popular in 2017, as patients of aesthetic medicine are constantly demanding non-invasive procedures with shorter down time. And, while many surgical techniques continue to be the procedures of choice, we are seeing many more non-surgical body contouring patients come into our clinic. The reason? Often these less invasive procedures will do almost as well as a more involved surgery. CoolSculpting (which targets and freezes fat cells and allows the body to naturally eliminate them) and Belkyra (removes stubborn pockets of fat that can form under the chin) are what we predict to trend this year.”
Dr. Frank Lista, Mississauga Plastic Surgeon

“The upward trend we are seeing in our clinic is the Liquid Facelift (also known as the Softlift). This involves the use of a neuromodulator (like Botox or Dysport) and a filler substance (such as Juvederm, Voluma, or Restylane). Using this combination, wrinkles on the face can be reduced, folds can be eliminated, and sagging facial structures can be lifted. Cheeks can be highlighted, jowls hidden, and the folds around the mouth lessened. It is as if you had gotten a facelift but did not have surgery. Many of our patients prefer to have these non-surgical treatments, rather than a full facelift, until they get much older. The Liquid Facelift allows for that.”
Dr. Jerome Edelstein, Toronto Plastic Surgeon

“There is no doubt about what is the most interesting and significant development in breast augmentation surgery in many many years; everything else pales by comparison: The launch of The Ideal® Implant. Women have voiced and expressed concerns about the safety of breast implants filled with silicone gel for decades. Although research continues to show the high safety profile of most types of silicone filled implants, some women continued to express their skepticism about the science and the idea of a better saline filled device had inherent appeal, both to my patients and to me.”
Dr. Benjamin Gelfant, Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

“Treatments to watch for in 2017 are definitely non-surgical procedures like Ultrashape, Ultherapy and Belkyra. Patients want treatments that are less-invasive with little to no downtime. By offering these procedures, we feel we meet many of our patient’s needs. Belkyra, our newest addition, addresses chin fullness by injection. These sessions are quick, customizable and once they get the desired results, re-treatments are not expected. The fact that a patient can now have the appearance of fullness under the chin treated non-surgically is extremely exciting.”
Dr. Ali Husain, Moncton Plastic Surgeon

“The continued trend that I am seeing in my practice is a rising demand for Labiaplasty surgery. It has become the most common cosmetic procedure that I perform. The main factor responsible for this continued increase is the high satisfaction rate for the procedure. As techniques have evolved and improved, we can often achieve a postoperative result that looks and feels completely natural with little to no permanent scarring. In the vast majority of cases, due to patient preference, I perform the procedure under local anesthesia (although sedation or general anesthesia is possible). It takes about one hour and the recovery is usually much easier than most patients imagine.”
Dr. Kyle Wanzel, Toronto Plastic Surgeon