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Breast Augmentation: Natural vs. Fake Looking Results

Breast Augmentation is one of the most gossiped about procedures on social media when it comes to celebrity plastic surgery. When someone in the public eye goes from a flatter to a fuller chest most of them do not admit they have had surgery. Those who have the ‘got it, flaunt it’ mentality are often the patients who have chosen large implants…often a little too big for their frame. This means that the general public think breast implants are always fake looking, like two round balls sticking on a chest. However the reality is very different. 

Most Breast Augmentation patients in Canada choose a very natural augmented look.

Toronto Plastic Surgeon Dr Jerome Edelstein performs approximately 200 breast augmentations per year. “I would estimate that 85% of my patients prefer a natural result.‎ Only approximately 15% want the “fake” look” he tells plasticsurgeryinfo.ca. 

We asked Calgary Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Dawes if he finds the same in his practice… “It varies of course, but typically, younger patients tend to want a more ‘fake’ look with a more rounded-out appearance of their upper breasts. Women over 30 or who have had children are mostly looking to simply restore what they previously had by way of volume and contour. Overall, most women claim to be looking for a more natural look, regardless of whether they are looking for larger or smaller volumes.”

'Natural' vs a more 'Fake' looking breast augmentation result

‘Natural’ vs a more ‘Fake’ looking breast augmentation result. Photo edelsteincosmetics.com


How is a ‘natural’ result achieved compared to a more ‘fake’ looking result?

“I think the best way to achieve natural vs fake results is the use of Dimensional Breast Augmentation” says Dr. Edelstein. “Dimensional breast augmentation is a method based on the measurements of your original, pre-surgery body contour and your desired outcome. It considers such variables as your height, weight, breast width, breast height, distance between nipple and breast fold, as well as your desired cup size to determine the most suitable implant size, type and specific surgical technique.”

‘Natural’ vs a more ‘Fake’ looking breast augmentation result. Photo beautifulnaturalyou.ca

Adds Dr. Dawes “There are several measurements taken at the time of the consultation and used by the surgeon to determine which implants would be best for a particular patient. One of the key measurements is something called “base breast width”. That measurement represents the estimated base diameter of a woman’s natural breasts, subtracting the estimated thickness of the overlying skin and subcutaneous fat. While this measurement can vary, the typical widths range between ~10 and 13 cm and help to delineate the range of breast implants that will “fit” a particular patient. Choosing an implant size below suggested range could result in a still small breast with a less-than-satisfactory result. Likewise, choosing an implant above the suggested range could result in an implant that is too wide for the patient’s body, resulting in implants that ‘move out to the side’. While there is some leeway for women wanting larger chests, patients will achieve the most ‘natural’ looking breasts by staying within a range of implant sizes that fit their particular body.”

Another way one achieves a Natural vs Fake look involves the placement of the implant ‘over’ or ‘under’ the chest muscle.

Dr. Edelstein explains: “Implants placed ‘over’ the chest muscle have a ‘faker’ look, while placing the implants ‘under’ the muscle tends to give a more ‘natural’ look.  However if you have a good amount of breast tissue before surgery then implants placed ‘over’ the chest muscle actually look the most natural. But as most patients seeking breast augmentation do not have a lot of tissue, ‘under’ the chest muscle looks more natural on them. This is why a detailed consultation with a certified Canadian plastic surgeon is needed to achieve your requested outcome”.

There are millions of Canadian women walking around with a gorgeous, modest size breast augmentations and you would never even know it. If you were to see or touch them, you would realize how natural breast augmentation can look and feel. If you are considering breast augmentation consult with one of our Canadian plastic surgeons.

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