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Buttock Surgery – an increase is size, and popularity!

Back in 1992 Sir Mix-a-lot sang “I like big butts and I cannot lie”, and the song ended up being the second best-selling song in the US. However at that time a larger butt was only considered attractive within certain cultures. The body type in mainstream fashion at that time was actually a thin, athletic figure, seen on supermodels Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer. Fast forward 25 years and we have seen a shift in popular body types The popularity of supermodels has been replaced with the popularity of celebrities like singers and TV stars…

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Hollywood Rhinoplasty ‘Nose Jobs’ – have all celebrities had one?

Plastic surgery is still Hollywood’s best kept secret: not many celebrities admit to having procedures done, especially on their face. The staff at Plasticsurgeryinfo.ca have been scrolling through photos for future before/after blogs, and are shocked at how many famous women look like they have had their noses slightly refined…

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Plastic Surgery Statistics

At plasticsurgeryinfo.ca we are asked regularly for Canadian plastic surgery statistics. Unfortunately there are no official plastic surgery statistics available in Canada, as neither Health Canada nor The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons track any data. The only comparable plastic surgery statistics we have available are from the USA via the American Society of Plastic Surgeons…

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Gwen Stefani Before After

Gwen Stefani is an American singer, she became famous with her band ‘No Doubt’ and then more recently for her solo work, her fashion line, and being a judge on ‘The Voice’. Gwen was born in 1969 and is currently 46….we think she looks absolutely amazing right now! So has Gwen had any cosmetic or plastic surgery?…

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Iggy Azalea Before & After

Iggy Azalea is an Australian rapper who has had great chart success over the past few years. She is also one of the rare celebrities who admits having plastic surgery….She told Seventeen magazine about her nose job “I’m not denying it. Denying it is lame”…

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Taylor Swift Before & After

There is no denying Taylor Swift is the most popular female singer on the planet right now. She successfully transitioned from country to pop music, and is the first female singer to receive the ‘Album of the Year’ award twice. Her ‘girl next door’ looks have never screamed obvious plastic surgery, but we wanted to look at her before and afters more closely…

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Best Celebrity Breasts

Here are Plasticsurgeryinfo.ca’s choices for Best Celebrity Breasts. Although most are natural we feel there may be some breast implants on this list. In general there are not many women with low body fat who then have full, perky breasts. There are definitely a few lucky ones out there, but many do get a little help from a plastic surgeon (but never admit it!)…

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