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Millions of women like you are seeking credible information about today’s breast implants. Allergan can provide you with the educational resources you need. As a pioneer in breast aesthetic surgery, we are committed to helping you make sense of the variety of implant options available, and access the valuable safety information you need to make the decision that is right for you. Allergan has been a global leader in breast aesthetics for more than 40 years.


Our extensive experience and scientific innovation in the breast aesthetics area has resulted in NATRELLE®, a wide range of breast implants:


When NATRELLE® introduced the Style 410 shaped gel implant in Europe in 1993, it marked a giant leap in implant design as the first shaped or anatomical implant offering. Style 410 is still the most popular choice for a shaped implant in Canada. The consistency of the gel filler – described as similar to a gummy bear – allows the implant to maintain its shape in the upright position and avoid the fold-over of the upper part of the implant and collapse of the outer shell that had been more common before. Since the original design of this gummy bear implant, many updated shapes and sizes have been created, resulting in the next generation of NATRELLE® 410.

Licensed in Canada since 2011, NATRELLE® INSPIRA® has been available in Australia and Europe since 2007. INSPIRA® is a next generation round implant, much fuller than previous generations. This gives you more projection (distance of your breast from your chest) and better maintains that desired fullness of the upper part of the breast over time.

Combined, NATRELLE® 410 and NATRELLE® INSPIRA® offer over 600 different options. More options mean more choice to help your plastic surgeon achieve a natural result, customized uniquely for you.


All NATRELLE® gel-filled implants are entirely coated with a protective barrier to minimize the likelihood of the gel escaping from the shell so the implant keeps its shape and the likelihood of rupture is decreased.


NATRELLE® 410 implants are shaped exclusively in a textured surface to help maintain the implant in place. NATRELLE® INSPIRA® round is available in both smooth and textured surfaces.


NATRELLE® implants offer a choice of three silicone gel fillers ranging from softer to more firm gels (TruForm® 1, 2 & 3). NATRELLE® 410 shaped and NATRELLE® INSPIRA® round implants are each available in two kinds of gel consistencies. INSPIRA® comes in a soft cohesive gel (TruForm® 1) that is responsive to movement with a shape that is influenced by the surrounding breast tissue, and a slightly more cohesive gummy bear consistency gel (TruForm® 2) that retains a natural feel while helping to create the desired shape. 410 is available in the same slightly cohesive gel as INSPIRA® (TruForm® 2) and an even more cohesive gummy bear option (TruForm® 3) that gives ultimate shape control and a more predictable long-term look. NATRELLE® implants offer the most cohesive gel implants currently available in Canada.


With over 600 different implant styles and shapes available in Canada,
The NATRELLE® Collection provides your surgeon with the ability to select
breast implants that are right for you:




The NATRELLE® Collection

With over 600 different implant styles and shapes available in Canada, The NATRELLE® Collection provides your surgeon with the ability to select breast implants that are right for you.


Breast augmentation or reconstruction surgery is not without risks and complications. The decision whether or not to have surgery and which procedure and implant is right for you should be discussed with a trained and certified plastic surgeon.