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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Canada:
Forehead Lift
Eyelid Surgery
Ear Surgery
Nose Surgery
Facial Implants
Lip Augmentation
Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift
Breast Reduction
Male Breast Reduction
Inverted Nipple

Arm Lift
Tummy Tuck
Buttock Implant/Lift
Thigh Lift

Body Lift
Fat Injections/Grafting
Scar Revision
Genital Surgery
Lap Band Surgery

Non surgical:
Chemical Peel

Laser Skin Resurfacing
IPL Treatments
Laser Hair Removal
Mole Removal
Tattoo Removal

Vein Treatments
Cellulite Reduction

smartshape weight loss centre

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 1413 Hurontario St.,
Mississauga, ON L5G 3H5

 c/o Miracle 10 Boutique
 67 Scollard Street, Toronto, ON M5R 1G4

 c/o Suitor House
 1004 8th Street SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0M4

905-278-8000 or Toll free: 1-888-278-7952


SmartShape Weight Loss Centre in Mississauga specializes in the medical treatment of obesity by offering both Lap-Band and Gastric Balloon Programs. We are Canada’s highest volume Lap-Band and Gastric Balloon clinic and thus have a proven record of success with patients from across the country, helping them achieve sustained weight loss that can improve their health, appearance and quality of life. SmartShape Weight Loss Centre has performed more than 3000 weight loss procedures and treats hundreds of new patients each year. At SmartShape Weight Loss Centre, we know the support of an experienced and dedicated team is essential to ensuring our patients achieve and sustain their weight loss goals. Our experienced team of specialists includes bariatric surgeons, clinical nurse specialists, dietitian, wellness coach and patient coordinators. You are treated as an individual, including a complimentary one on one consultation, which is always with one of our surgeons, and a program fine-tuned to your needs.

We are committed to working with you to achieve your weight loss goals. By helping you modify your eating behaviors, develop sound nutrition strategies and encourage physical activity, we can help simplify what may often seem like a complex process. By partnering with SmartShape Weight Loss Centre we will help you to improve your health, appearance and quality of life through significant, sustained weight loss.

Lap-Band Program (Gastric Banding)

The Lap-Band is a tool designed to help achieve sustained weight loss and is the least invasive surgical method currently available. Gastric Banding is a simple procedure where a Lap-Band is placed around the upper stomach. This limits the stomach’s capacity and results in an early and prolonged sense of fullness. The increased satiety and reduction in food intake leads to weight loss. Patients can achieve a sustained weight loss of approximately 1 – 2 lbs per week. The procedure is performed laparoscopically and therefore is minimally invasive with a fast recovery. Patients should be able to resume their normal activities within 5 to 7 days after the procedure. Following the procedure, you will continue to receive on-going support from our team. Lap-Band adjustments (called fills, or de-fills) are a regular part of our program to ensure the band is working effectively. The frequency of band adjustments varies from person to person. Approximately 5 – 10% of patients are able to lose weight at the desired pace without the need for band adjustments. The amount of weight lost depends on the proper adjustment of the Lap-Band as well as the patient’s motivation and commitment to a new lifestyle and eating habits.

Gastric Balloon Program

The Gastric Balloon is a state-of-the-art weight loss aid consisting of a soft, expandable balloon that is temporarily inserted into the stomach to stimulate the feeling of fullness. Used in harmony with a medically supervised nutrition plan and behavior modification program, it can help you achieve and maintain the health and aesthetic benefits associated with weight loss. The Gastric Balloon is a clinically accepted tool in reducing excess weight. Clinical trials show that it is more successful than conventional diets, weight loss programs and medications. Studies show that the anticipated Excess Weight Loss (%EWL) that can be expected with the Gastric Balloon is between 25% and 40%. It has been used in Europe for more than ten years and was approved by Health Canada in 2006.

The Gastric Balloon is designed to act as a mechanical aid in providing early satiety or fullness, which helps patients reduce their food intake and develop new eating habits. The balloon partially fills the stomach and patients report a feeling of fullness after eating a much smaller portion of food than normal. There is no change to the digestion or absorption of nutrients and no need for special nutritional supplements. The Gastric Balloon can be left in the stomach for up to six months before it must be removed. Our 12-month program includes the Gastric Balloon device and coaching and nutritional guidance, tailored to help you achieve and sustain weight loss.

To schedule a free consultation with our surgeon, view our state of the art facility in Mississauga, or learn more about our affordable financing, please contact us at 905.278.8000 or 1.888.278.7952



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smartshape weight loss centre
Lapband Surgery and Gastric Balloon

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