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  The OptimumLIFT™ mini facelift

By Dr. Nasim Huq

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Is there an alternative to the traditional facelift?

In a word, yes…the OptimumLIFT™ mini facelift. Tens of thousands of men and women have been thrilled by a recently developed type of facelift which is not a traditional facelift but rather a mini-facelift. At the Institute we have further developed and refined this procedure and have now established it as producing an almost immediate and permanent improvement with excellent long-term results. Because the approach of the mini facelift is so unique and requires no general (inhaled) anesthesia there is a greatly reduced chance of complications and significantly reduced recovery time or ‘down-time’ as it is often called.”

“The procedure is performed entirely in our office and takes only about an hour or so. Since you will not have to step foot in the hospital your privacy and confidentiality are assured.” Dr. Huq also suggests “another great advantage of the OptimumLIFT™ is it’s affordability, with the cost generally being about half the cost of a full facelift.”

mini facelift
Before ad After the OptimumLIFT™ mini facelift

How does the OptimumLIFT™ work?

The procedure utilizes “very small incisions are along the hairline, inside and around the ear. The placement of the incisions are planned to be very well hidden. The deeper tissue structures are then released and re-suspended. The jaw line is usually lifted at least two or three centimeters. The procedure also aids in tightening the neck by improving the vertical bands to recapture a more graceful, smooth, swan-like neck. The skin is then closed with absorbable sutures in multiple layers, so there is no need to return for suture removal.”

Patients generally experience a very quick recovery time and experience little or no pain. In fact, some people do not even require pain medication after the procedure and can often, by using a little cover-up makeup, return to work in a few days.

Who is a good a candidate for this procedure?

Most people seeking this type of procedure are between 45 and 75 years of age. The procedure is highly effective on both men and women who have heavy jowls, a loose neck, or aging, sagging face and neck skin. It is also best to have any medical conditions well controlled before undergoing the procedure. Quit smoking, stabilize your weight, and keep your blood pressure and blood sugar under control.


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